General terms of sales of the site


Object of the site and designation of parts


The present site is free access and free to every internaut. 

The subscription in a contract governed by the present general terms, with the editor of the present site assumes the acceptance, by the internaut, present general terms. The internaut admits the same fact having acquainted himself with it entirely. This acceptance will consist in the fact, for the internaut, to check the box corresponding to following sentence: «I admit having read and accepted the general terms of sale and of use of the site.».
This fact to check the box will be reputed to have the same value as the handwritten signature on behalf of the internaut. The internaut admits the value of proof of the systems of automatic recording of the editor of the present site and, except for him to bring opposite proof, he abandons the idea of questioning it in case of litigation. The acceptance of the present general terms assumes on behalf of the internauts that they enjoy the necessary legal capacity for it, or in extremis that they have of it the permission of a guardian or of a guardian of adult lacking legal capacity if they are unable, of their lawful representative if they are under 18, even though they are tenured of a mandate if they act as for a legal entity.


Modality of subscription of orders and detailed description of the process of purchase


To meet the dispositions of the law of confidence in the numerical economy of June 21st, 2004, will be described ci after the process of order: To place order, the internauts will be able to choose one or several objects and add it to their basket. When their order will be complete, they will be able to achieve their basket by clicking on the button envisaged with this effect. 
By consulting their basket, the members will have the faculty to prove the number as well as the nature of the articles that they will have chosen and will be able to prove their unit price as well as the total price of order. They will have the possibility of removing one or several objects of their basket. On this summary will besides be pointed out to the clients the faculty which they have or not to exercise their right of retraction as well as the delays which apply to it. 
If their order is suitable for them and that they want to validate it, the internauts will be able to click on the button to validate, they accèderont then in a form in which they will be able or to grab their identifiants of connection if they have it already, or to register on the site by supplementing the form which is introduced to them, with the personal information concerning them. 
Since they will be linked or after they perfectly supplement the form, the clients will be invited to control or to change their co-ordinates of delivery and of invoicing then will be to perform their payment by being re-run with this effect on the reassured interface of payment. 
Once the payment really received by the editor of the site, this last promises to acknowledge receipt to the client by electronic way there, for a maximum delay of 24 hours. Also and for the same delays, the editor promises to address to the client a summary email of order and by confirming him the treatment, taking back besides all information relating to order, to ordered products, to their delivery, as well as to modalities of financial year of their right of retraction. 
Prices pointed out on the site are heard in Euro, all taxes included for intracommunautairesdeliveries, duty-free for extraCommunity deliveries, and except expenses of delivery. These prices can be any time changed by the editor, shown prices are valid only in the day of order and do not carry effect for future. 
Expenses of delivery will be, in any hypothesis, pointed out to the client first of all regulations.Products and sold articles remain the property of the seller up to complete payment of their price, in accordance with the present spare clause of property. 
The availability of products is pointed out on the site, in the descriptive chip of every article.


Information relating to the payment


The internaut can place order on the present site and can perform his regulations by Bank card, banking Transfer. 
Card payments banking are made by means of reassured transactions given by the contractor:PAYPAL.
As part of card payments banking, the editor of the present site has access to no data relating to the means of payment of the user. The payment is directly performed in the hands of the banking establishment. 
Delivery time defined in the article below begins running only as from the date of real reception of the payment by the seller, this last unable to bring proof from it by any means.


Delivery or provision


Orders are delivered by post Colissimo Access or Colissimo Expert, within 72 h finely worked as from the perfect collection of the price corresponding to counterpart, by the seller. 
Some products or some volumes of order can nevertheless justify the upper delivery time in 3 working days, it will be made express mention for the attention of the consumer during the validation of order.


Dispositions relating to the rights of the consumer


In accordance with legislation in force, the consumers have a delay of 7 days as from the date of reception of the package to ask for exchange or for refund. To exercise this right, it is up to them to turn (in to them freshly) the package in his packing of origin at the seat of the society:accompanied with an asking letter or refund or exchanges. Refund will take place as soon as possible and at the latest in 30 days which follow the date of retraction. 
In accordance with the dispositions of articles L121-20 and following of the code of consumption, you will be able to exercise under no circumstances any right of retraction for the following products:
· property made according to the specifications of the consumer or distinctly customised or which, due to their nature, cannot be redirected or is likely to deteriorate or to lapse fast
Any delay of delivery can draw away the resolution of sale on the initiative of the consumer, at simple written request for his/her part. The consumer will then be reimbursed sums hired by him during order. The present clause is not intended to be applied if the delay of delivery is of in a case of force majeure, independent of the will of the editor. In such a case, the client promises not to exercise chases contrary to the site and its editor and abandons the idea of boasting the resolution of the sale envisaged in the present article.


Guarantee of products bought on the present site


In case of defectiveness of a product bought on the present site, the clients have, in accordance with the dispositions of the civil code in lawful guarantee of hidden vices, of delay of 15 days as from the observation of aforementioned vice to ask for exchange or for refund of the product, and, in accordance with the article L211-5 of the code of consumption they will have a delay of 15 days as from the reception of aforementioned product to ask for exchange or for refund, in the event if the delivered good does not comply, in the sense given to this word by the aforementioned article. To exercise one of these rights, it is up to them to turn the package at the seat of the society: accompanied with an asking explicative letter or refund or exchanges.Expenses of dispatch of the package, in the latter case only, will then be reimbursed to the client by cheque or cashless, for a maximum delay of thirty days. 
Objects acquired on the present site benefit, besides the guarantee of hidden vices defined by the civil code as well as of the guarantee of good compliance imposed by the article L211-5 of the code of consumption which are them, if necessary, always applicable and which is defined ciover, of a conventional guarantee given by the seller, length of which will be likely to vary according to the product, and will be detailed on the chip of every article.


For registered users


The creation of a personal space is a precondition necessary to any order of an internaut, on the present site. To this end, the member will be invited to give some personal information. The member promises to give precise information on pain of resolution of the contract on the initiative of the editor and abolition of the credit account. Some information will be reputed necessary to the conclusion of the contract and their collection will be necessary to the creation of the personal space and to the validation of the conclusion of the contract. The refusal by a member to give aforementioned information will have the effect of preventing the creation of the personal space as well as, in passing, the validation of order. 
This space allows to the client or to the member to consult all its orders performed on the site, and also them, if necessary, to follow the delivery of bought property. 
If data contained in rubric space personnel out came to disappear following a fortuitous case, following a technical breakdown or following a case of force majeure, the responsibility of the editor of the present site could not be hired, this information having no convincing value but only an informative character. The editor promises however to keep of a reassured way all contractual elements conservation of which is requested by law or regulation in force. 
Pages relating to the personal areas are freely printable by the holder of count in question but constitute a proof not at all, they have only one informative character intended to assure an efficient management of its orders by the client. 
During the creation of the personal space, the user is invited to choose a password. This password constitutes the guarantee of the confidentiality of information contained in its rubric " my count " and the user stops therefore himself from transmitting it or from announcing it to a third. In extremis, the site will not be able to be kept for representative for accesses not allowed about an user. 
The editor saves exclusive right to abolish the count of every member who would have contravened the present general terms (notably but without this example having any exhaustive character, when the member will have knowingly given erroneous information, during his inscription and during the constitution of his personal space) or else everything considers inactive for at least a year. Aforementioned abolition will not be likely to constitute a damage for the excluded member who will be able to aspire to no indemnification of this fact. 
This exclusion is not exclusive of the possibility, for the editor, to undertake chases of judicial order contrary to the member, when facts will have justified him.


Newsletter of the editor


By checking the box envisaged with this effect or by giving their consent expressly to this end, the members accept that the editor could forward them, in a frequency and under a form which he will determine, a newsletter (letter of information) being able to include information relating to his activity. 
When the user checks the box envisaged with this effect, it agrees to receive commercial offer of the editor of this site for products and services similar to those ordered. 
Season ticket holders will have faculty of désinscrire of the newsletter by clicking on the link envisaged with this effect, present in each of the newsletters (letters of information).


Mention relating to Computer law and Freedom, of January 6th, 1978


The internauts have the free faculty to give personal information concerning them. The supply of personal information is not necessary for navigation on the site. On the other hand, the inscription on the present site assumes the collection, by the editor, of some personal information concerning the internauts. The internauts not liking to give information necessary for the use of services given by the present site as well as, if necessary, necessary for the creation of a personal space, will not be able either use services offered by the editor of the present site, or place order on the present site. 
As part of an order on the present site, information relating to the collection of data relating to the payment, notably the number of bank card and its use for aims of commercial identification is subordinated to the collection of the consent of the person concerned, across the present different forms on the site. 
Harvested data are necessary for the good administration of services offered on the present site as well as in the respect for its contractual obligations by the editor. These data are kept by the editor in this only quality, and the editor promises to use them in another frame, nor to transmit them in thirds, except express agreement of the users or cases envisaged by law.
The co-ordinates of all users registered on the present site are safeguarded. These data are kept in reassured conditions, according to the current means of technology, respecting the dispositions of Computer Law and Freedom of January 6th, 1978.
In accordance with this last, they have a right of opposition, of questioning, of access and correction of the data which they gave. For it, they only has to apply for it to the editor of the present site, by formulating her at following electronic address:, or else by post mail at the seat of the editor mentioned at the head of the present general terms.
Collected personal data make the object of a computer processing and are exclusively reserved for the editor of the site. 
Besides, the editor reserves the right to collect public IP address (Internet Protocol) of all internauts. The collection of this address IP will be performed in an anonymous way, it will be kept for same length as personal information and intended only to allow a good administration of services offered on the present site. IP address corresponds to a series of figures separated from points allowing the unique identification of a computer on Internet network. 
The editor will have to announce all personal data relating to an internaut to the Police (on judicial requisition) or to every person (on prescription of the judge). The IP address of your computer will be able to make the object of a rapprochement with the real identity of the subscriber kept by FAI (providers in the Internet).


Exoneration of the responsibility of the editor as part of the execution of the present contract


In case of impossibility of access to the site, because of technical problems or of every natures, the client will not be able to boast a damage and will be able to aspire to no indemnification. 
In case of delivery of an apparently and obviously damaged package, it is up to the client to refuse him to enjoy the guarantee given by the conveyor. The client will moreover have to inform about it the seller without delay, so that a new package is prepared for him, then sent on receiving of the spoilt package in return. In the same case, delivery time pointed out higher in the present general terms will not be applicable any more. 
The unavailability, even extended and without any limitative length, of one or several products, cannot be constituting of a detriment for the internauts and can give rise not at all to the conferment of damages on behalf of the site or of its editor. 
The visual representations of products, published on the present site, are guaranteed by the editor as perfectly faithful to reality, to meet its obligation of perfect information. However, in the present state of technology, the return of these representations notably in terms of colours or in form, can appreciably vary from a computer post to other one or differ from reality according to the quality of the graphic accessories and of the screen or according to the resolution of display.These variations and difference will be able in no hypothesis to be attributed to the editor who will be able to see under no circumstances his responsibility hired by this fact. 
Links present hypertexts on the present site can return on other Internet sites and the responsibility of the editor of the present site could not be hired if the contents of these sites contravene legislation in force. Also the responsibility of the editor of the present site could not be hired if the visit, by the internaut, of one of these sites, caused it a detriment.


Rights of possession intellectual relating to elements published on the present site


All elements constituting the present site belong to the editor and are in this title protected by the legislation relating to intellectual property.
The internauts admit therefore that, in the absence of permission, any complete or partial copy and any broadcasting or working of one or some of these elements, even changed, will be likely to give rise to judicial proceedings led towards them by the editor or his right ayants
This protection will concern all graphic and textual contents of the site, but also his structure, his name and his graphic charter.


Various clauses


The present general terms are subjected to the application of the law Frenchman. 
The present general terms can be any time changed by the editor of the site or his deputy.General terms applicable to the user are those in force in the day of his order or of his connection on the present site. The editor promises naturally to keep all his ancient general terms and to forward them to every user who would apply for it.
Except dispositions of public order, any litigations which could happen as part of the execution of the present general terms will be able before any judicial action to be subjected to the evaluation of the editor of the site with the aim of amicable regulations. One expressly reminds of him that requests of amicable regulations do not suspend delays opened to begin judicial actions. 
If one of the clauses of the present general terms came to be declared to everyone by a decision of justice, this nonentity could not take the nonentity of all other clauses, which would continue producing their effect. 
The fact, for the editor, not to boast in temporary or permanent title of one or several clauses of the present general terms, will take under no circumstances renunciation to boast general terms besides.




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